Filipino Teen SEO as a Teacher

Well after a great hardship and being on the college school for almost 4 years. Here I am now a blogger with a new profession and outlook in my life. There are no more exams, quizzes, projects and thesis to be done. But now, I am the one who will give this exams, quizzes and projects for I am now a teacher. Yeah, after I graduated as a computer science, I am now with my new profession. I am currently hired as a new faculty member of the Computer Education Department.

I am teaching Computer Basic Concepts as well as Office Application for the freshmen students. It's kinda hard profession and a job but I have to accept it. This is my first stable job. Since I was a student, I had already a part time job together with my teacher as an optimizer for some sites that he offered to me. Now I have to face the reality and being a teacher.

Share those ideas and knowledge that I had learned and acquired to my students. Now, I am a Filipino Teen SEO as well as a Teacher.