Sikat ang Pinoy - SEO Contest

There is a new trend in the SEOsphere in the country of the Philippines. Most of the bloggers are keep up their tracks and rankings in the Google SERP with the Keyword "Sikat ang Pinoy". Sikat ang Pinoy is the lastest search engine contest in the Philippines. It aims to help the Typhon Ondoy Victims as well as to help other Search Engine Optimizers, Professional or newbies to showcase their talents in skills. There's a lot of sponsors that helps to promote this contest. The first price will receive $550 plus NBA Surprise Gifts, second prize is Michael Jackson Toy Collectible worth $434 and 3 Top Level Domains and the third prize is 1 Logo Design worth $350 and 3 Top Level Domains and there's so many more prize to be watch out for.

It your time to shine and show your talents in search engine optimization. Join the Sikat ang Pinoy Contest and be the one who will rank on the top of the Google SERP.