Fair or Unfair

Is life is so unfair or fair?

My life is very complicated, I am confused, life is so unfair to me. That is some of the lines which we usually hear from other peoples around us. Some says that line because of frustration, insecurities, problems and others. I have already asked that question to my self before, why my life is so complicated. Theres a lot of problems that I am carrying. I am in the limbo of darkness and sorrow. But lately I realize that being there is not forever. You can still go and find light. Hatred, insecurities and pain. These are some of the factors why we are there. But we can still stand and face those problems. It is not unfair, why, because of us is already experience that problem, pain, hatred, insecurities and others.

Again I asked my self a question. Why some of capiznon bloggers is already on the top? Why I can't?

That are the questions that I am thinking right now. My entries in Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 is not yet consistent on its rank. Sometimes it ranks at top 10 but sometimes you cannot see my entries. I don't know why this is happening on our entries. Sometimes it is on the top and sometimes below. Life is just like a wheel, sometimes your on the top and sometimes your in the bottom. No matter what happen life goes on.

I just keep optimizing and optimizing my blog and entries on Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009. Maybe this is not yet the time to be on the top. Maybe I am on the bottom but we don't know I can be on the top. Life is life we have to face those consequences, pain or happiness.