Plants vs Zombies 2?

Is there really a new version of Plants vs Zombies game? I am really one of the avid and very addict person who wants to play with the zombies and plants. The peashooters who will always be my first choice to pick before I start to rock and kill all the zombies on the screen :D. I am hoping that there will be a Plants vs Zombies 2 soon.

Plants vs Zombies rocks my world and every players that plays plants vs zombies. Leave first dota or Facebook then play the very exciting and challenging game of Plants vs Zombies. I will post it here guys if there is a new news for the release of Plants vs Zombies 2.

Click Here For The Sneak Peak of Plants VS Zombies 2.

Who wants that zombies ate their brains? If you want then you can try this one guys.